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Pals, I've got a TREAT* for you today, come with me on a tour through 'things that have lingered in my wardrobe without being worn for quite a while'...

*definition of treat may vary

This dress still has the tags on. I assume I missed the chance to return it once I bought it (a not infrequent occurrence). I feel like the first time I tried it on it maybe didn't do up? Now it does up but it's still doing some sort of exciting squishing thing to my boobs, the emphasis at the waist is doing my apple-shape no favours whatsoever, and it's still a bit tight. To eBay with you, dress!

This also has the tags on, and actually is more flattering than I remember it being the last time I put it on (which I think was for work, and then I took it off and put something else on because I didn't like how it looked). But still, as a person whose main body hang-up these days is that my hips and legs are really narrow compared to my upper body, this is doing some widening of my hips but not necessarily in a good way? I like the neckline a lot, but the sleeves are also hitting my muscly arms in a not entirely delightful way. I might keep it and try layering it before I eBay it. Also maybe try wearing it with a seamless bra because hi, there's all the lace on my bra, gosh.

Weird posture to demonstrate that this is in fact a playsuit and not an extremely short dress. I actually don't hate this as much as I thought I would, and I suspect I bought it out of love for the fabric as much as anything else (reasonably sure it was 99p off eBay). But I also can't imagine a world in which I'd actually wear it out of the house, much like my bikini which I similarly think looks sort of ok when I try it on, but the idea of wearing it in public makes me freeze.

Another jumpsuit! I wear this for slobbing around but again am not sure I'd wear it out of the house. I went shopping with a friend a few years ago who was adamant that as a tall person I could pull jumpsuits off, but as I'm a tall person with a lot of height in my torso, I found the ones she got me to try on wanted to bisect me at the crotch. This one is stretchy and comfy, but you have the same fatal design flaw as with all jumpsuits which is that if you want to go to the loo, you have to basically strip off. I quite like the overall effect of it though arguably harem pant style is not super flattering.

Here it is layered with a jacket. I'm sure I've written about wanting to be the kind of person who can pull off blazers before. I dream of being dapper and smooth and slightly androgynous, but I just look like I'm playing dress-up. Bye blazer! To the charity shop with you.

And here is what I will actually wear until I go to the gym - jumpsuit layered with jumper that I knitted myself! Which I already tweeted about when I first wore it, but it's the only item of clothing bigger than a scarf I've finished so far, so my delight in it is ongoing. KNITTING.
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