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Pals, I've got a TREAT* for you today, come with me on a tour through 'things that have lingered in my wardrobe without being worn for quite a while'...

*definition of treat may vary

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Wine is made of EVIL.
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As with every year, I want to buy a maxi dress. I will of course never wear a maxi dress anywhere in public as they are wildly impractical for a person like myself who has terminal clumsiness and a life that involves climbing stairs. But oh I want one. Boooo modern life! Why will you not enable me to have flowing floral skirts?

Speedy post

Apr. 9th, 2010 10:57 am
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I will be singing at this tomorrow. It's meant to be sunny! You will be supporting the arts! Come along!
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Did someone buy me lj time? I had a Plus account; yesterday I noticed it is now Paid. I haven't had an email telling me I've had an account type change, and my account history doesn't say I've made any payments but nor does it say anyone else has made any payments. I am well confused (but glad not to have adverts for the next few months). So thank you if anyone did! But a general feeling of confusion pervades...
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Great success! I am the stickiest girl in the world now. Also, need to find five marmalade beneficiaries. Also, late! Agh!

Dear lj

Oct. 7th, 2008 11:11 am
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If your work were going to pay for you to go and learn a programming language so you had some kind of technical knowledge that would help you with managing IT projects and potentially with moving up the career ladder within IT, what would you learn? Bearing in mind you only have some feeble HTML and CSS knowledge and have struggled to pick up anything else through lack of good teaching & understanding.
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If you only pay attention to one thing from this post, let it be this one: go and listen to Friend of Ours by Elbow at I have moved on from the happiness of Noah and the Whale, and I am back to my melancholy ways. I've had the riff from this lodged in my head for days. Elbow are so stellar. If I could only listen to one band forevermore, I think it would probably be them.

If you want to pay attention to more things, how about the news that American Psycho is to become a musical? To which I can only say, what.

And failing that, I rewatched Atonement last night, and not only was I wracked with woe by the tragedy and beauty of the film (Joe Wright = genius), but I was amazed again by the bravura 5 minute tracking shot at Dunkirk, which, if you haven't seen Atonement is completely worth a watch just so you can marvel at how amazing it is. They did three and a half takes of this and they used the third - they only made it to another half take because the steadicam operator was too exhausted to do the whole thing again. Bloody amazing. I can't embed it so you'll have to click through.
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It's things like this that make me have a problem with tentacles. THEY HAVE FANGS. TINY FANGS.
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Ooh, I just remembered I saw Ralph Fiennes yesterday! He was on his phone at the National Theatre while we were drinking coffee. I believe he is my first proper London famous person spotting, unless you count people from Big Brother, but they're everywhere. Like rats.
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Ok, so: people who are good at computers. If I can get my Mac online via wireless (so I know my connection is working), and I can connect my PC laptop to the router with an ethernet cable and have it showing up as a working connection, then why would I not be able to get to any webpages with the PC? It's assigned the PC an IP address, and all the troubleshooting and repair bits say that it's working fine. But I cannot get to any webpages, so clearly it isn't. Help! It all worked pretty easily on the Mac; on the PC I have installed drivers from the CD, and done all kinds of arcane things, but still nothing. :(

NB this is obviously very urgent and dire because I neeeeeed to patch a game (the only reason I still have the PC being that I want to play games, although soon it is going to be too old and crap to take any more, and I will have to have a new solution (or just re-play Baldur's Gate until I die).

Never mind! I R JEENYUS.
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If I see or hear one more alarmist piece of crap about how turning on the LHC will make the world end, I am going to punch someone. FFS.
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UK people, you can watch Half Nelson on iPlayer at the moment. It is a film with Ryan Gosling as a drug-addicted high school teacher which is just about as cheery as it sounds, but it's very good and I would definitely recommend setting aside a couple of hours to watch it.
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Dear Mr Paxman, I don't really have an awful lot of respect for you now. What a sad, blinkered, privileged, objectively incorrect worldview.
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I have embarked on a bit of a defriending, as I have been reading on a filter for ages and have gradually become a bit uncomfortable with a) giving the impression I might be reading journals when I'm not and b) having even this many people have access to my life when I want to write about quite personal things. I'm really sorry if you were friended, interested in reading and now I have defriended you, but generally speaking I don't fool myself that my diary is that interesting. I enjoyed the time I did get to read your journal!
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