Sep. 30th, 2008

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If you only pay attention to one thing from this post, let it be this one: go and listen to Friend of Ours by Elbow at I have moved on from the happiness of Noah and the Whale, and I am back to my melancholy ways. I've had the riff from this lodged in my head for days. Elbow are so stellar. If I could only listen to one band forevermore, I think it would probably be them.

If you want to pay attention to more things, how about the news that American Psycho is to become a musical? To which I can only say, what.

And failing that, I rewatched Atonement last night, and not only was I wracked with woe by the tragedy and beauty of the film (Joe Wright = genius), but I was amazed again by the bravura 5 minute tracking shot at Dunkirk, which, if you haven't seen Atonement is completely worth a watch just so you can marvel at how amazing it is. They did three and a half takes of this and they used the third - they only made it to another half take because the steadicam operator was too exhausted to do the whole thing again. Bloody amazing. I can't embed it so you'll have to click through.


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